Top Tips to Maintain a Healthy Body and Mind

Try to manage your stress levels, the pressure and worry you may experience and your ability to cope will have an impact on the way you feel and your physical health too.

Coping strategies vary for people but it is important that you: find ways of motivating yourself, get support from other people, take life one day at a time, look after yourself and manage your problems and symptoms. Being you - try not to be too hard on yourself.

We can all have difficult days from time to time and we all cope with things differently. There is no right or wrong way of dealing with life and what it may throw at you. Every day we cope with something different.

Relaxing and feeling good – take time for yourself and for the things that you enjoy which help you to be calm and relax.

You know yourself better than anyone so make sure you take some time for you too. Reading, listening to music, a long bath, and meditation - whatever works for you.

Talking about it - most people feel isolated and overwhelmed by their problems sometimes - it can help to share your feelings.

Keeping in touch with friends and family can be really important at difficult times. You don’t have to struggle on alone. If you feel there is no one to talk to, you could call a friend who is going through their exams too.

Doing something creative - all kinds of creative things can help if you are anxious or low. They can also increase your confidence. Music, writing, painting, drawing, poetry, cooking, gardening - experiment to find something you enjoy.

Asking for help - everyone needs help from time to time. It’s OK to ask for help, even though it feels difficult – there are always people around who will support you!

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