Prefect Roles and Responsibilities

Expectations of Prefects

Students at Laurence Jackson School selected by the staff to be part of the Prefect team consistently exhibit the following qualities:

  • You have high expectations of yourselves and others.
  • You have a part to play in wider school life.
  • You have shown a continued commitment to academic success in line with your ability
  • You can manage responsibility with professionalism, integrity, sensitivity and good humour.
  • You are self-motivated, proactive and a reliable team member.

As such, you have demonstrated your potential to carry out the role and responsibility of a Year 10/11 Prefect effectively.

As a Prefect you are a significant role model and as such are expected to demonstrate the SPORT Expectations of the school in your daily lives as well as encouraging them in others. In order to achieve this it is expected that Prefects will maintain exemplary standards of personal conduct, punctuality and attendance and will contribute extensively to the wider life of the school and, in line with their ability, remain committed to the pursuit of academic success.

The Prefect Team has an important role throughout the whole school community. You are responsible for helping set the tone amongst the student body and for maintaining and enhancing the culture of Laurence Jackson School.

The Role of the Prefects

Prefects are expected to:

  • Demonstrate and maintain exemplary standards of personal conduct.
  • Demonstrate and maintain excellent attendance and punctuality.
  • Continue in your own personal pursuit of academic success, in line with your own ability.
  • To work as part of a team providing a lunchtime duty service.
  • To play a supporting role in the induction process of the new Year 7 students.
  • To work alongside and under the direction of the Senior Prefect Team.
  • To play a supporting role in wider school events such as Parents’ Evenings etc.

The Application Process

Students wishing to be prefects should submit their written applications in to their Year Leader or Student Manager by the deadline stated on the proforma.

All applications will be reviewed by the Year Leader, Student Welfare Manager and Director of Key Stage 4. The full staff will also be given the opportunity to place nominations for students in the main Staff Room.

Successful candidates will be notified within 2 weeks in the form of a congratulatory certificate.


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