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Recently Year 10 Art and Design students and English Creative Writers were approached by Andy Murray, a representative from a local committee of residents, who are in the process of generating interest in the restoration of Guisborough Town Hall.

Unfortunately, the Town Hall has become dilapidated over the years and is in need of complete renovation.  Mr Murray tasked the Art students to design a logo and the English Creative Writers to produce stories and poems to capture the atmosphere and history of the building in order to promote it and showcase their talents.


In past years the Town Hall has had a number of uses, including a prison and a toll house. The wealth of history in Guisborough has also given the students an enormous amount of scope for ideas. Mr Finn, head of Art commissioned the Art and Design students with a "Live Project" and the students have produced two A2 design sheets, each researching the building using photographs, drawings and sketches. These culminated in a design for a logo. Alongside this, Mrs Thompson and Miss Goodall’s English Creative Writers from across all year groups have uses prompts and stimuli to generate a range of creative writing pieces, which they have edited as finished copy for publication in a local newspaper. 

Overall, the students have enthusiastically embraced the project and come up with some excellent ideas that capture the history of both Guisborough and the regeneration of the Town Hall itself.

The year 10 Art students designs to celebrate the regeneration of the Town Hall have been judged by Colin Pyrah OBE and he made these comments about their work and on the winning entry by Summer R.

 “I was very impressed with all the work which the students have done which was based upon the Town Hall gateway project.

In Particular the mood board by Summer R. impressed me because she really looked at the Guisbrough Town Hall, the logo which we created, and then thought about what it meant to her. She has referenced the concept of renewed life and multi-usage by using the logo colours in the brickwork. She has then cleverly added to that colourway by incorporating the subtle blue from the coat of arms, the outline of a local landmark cleverly viewed through the window, and has also woven in a key architectural feature from the Town Hall. She has proved that she has a keen eye for detail and good observation and communication skills. She has produced a highly imaginative and creative piece of work of which she deserves to be proud”.



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