Stand Strong Together

LJS sends our love, respect and solidarity to the people of Manchester -  “Stand strong together”.


We are thankful that the small number of young people and families from Guisborough and the local community returned safely from the concert at MEN arena on Monday but clearly many others were not so fortunate.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the dead and wounded and with the people of the great city of Manchester, who have responded with so much courage and dignity in the face of extreme adversity, none more so than poet Tony Walsh whose passionate rendition of “This is the place” at Tuesday’s vigil sent out such a powerful message of unity and defiance.

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At such a difficult time, we must try to remember that this was an act of terror by an individual with a poisoned mind and should not blame a particular faith, race or religion, which is one of the aims of such extremism.


Terrorism attempts to divide communities but the people of Manchester have demonstrated a shining example of working together selflessly, to show determination and solidarity rather than division.


Let’s try to support the people of Manchester and the many bereaved families by remaining strong and unified and refusing to allow terrorists to change our lives.


As Tony Walsh said; “They will not divide us”.


BBC Newsround has a link to help parents discuss/explain the aftermath of the Manchester attack (Click Here) and form tutors will attempt to reassure students in assemblies and registration.

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