KS3 Assessment - Further Guidance for Parents/Carers

KS3 Assessment - Further Guidance for Parents/Carers

This information is for parent/carers seeking additional information (to the information I have sent to parent/carers regarding Progress Check 3). Over the last academic year, our time as a staff team working on 'Curriculum and Assessment' has been informed by researching current educational thinking, together with a full review of existing processes in school and then a comparison with Ofsted’s key documentation on features of outstanding assessment.

All of this work and these thought processes have helped inform our understanding about how to most effectively assess the progress that students are making at Key Stage 3. This is important to us not least because Key Stage 3 needs to build on successes students have achieved at Key Stage 2 and to allow them to develop the skills that they need to be academically successful at Key Stage 4.

Our thinking has been particularly influenced by Rosenshine, Christodoulou and Sherrington.  Below, you will find links to some relevant articles. These articles will give you an insight into the nature of this educational research.



https://learningspy.co.uk/assessment/how-do-we-know-pupils-are-marking-progress-part-1-the-problem-with-flightpaths/  (links to part 2, 3 and 4 of this series of articles are hyperlinked once you access this link at the end of ‘part 1’)

Please sign the info off from Mrs Juckes (Headteacher) 

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