FAQs for Online Learning

Online Learning – Technical FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for Parents/Carers

As you read the questions and answers below, please note that anything that is in green font is a link to another resource or article that might help you, should you need further information. To access the web link simply ‘hover’ your pointer over the green text and the pointer shape will change from an arrow shape to a finger, then click the text and you will be taken to the resource specified.

  1. School teachers have told my child to access the Independent Learning Portal but I don’t know what this is, can you advise?
  • The school independent learning portal provides access to independent learning resources for all subjects designed to help students with independent study. You will also find links to generic independent learning strategies that students can use to help support their studies, as well as subject specific independent learning material.


  1. My child does not know how to access Office 365 on their computer/laptop at home, can you advise?

How to access Office 365


  1. I don’t understand what Office 365 actually is, can you advise?
    • Microsoft Office 365 is an online environment accessible from any internet connected device 24/7 used to deliver distance learning. Office 365 enables collaboration and discussion whilst providing productivity tools which empower learning such as:

Word – for creating typed documents such as essays and responses to assignments

Excel – for creating spreadsheets used to complete mathematical calculations based on inputted data

Powerpoint – for creating visual slide-based presentations using text, imagery and animations

Publisher – for creating posters and brochures

Outlook – for communicating via email messaging and managing workloads using a calendar and task lists (so to clarify this is what your child will access their school emails through)

OneDrive – Cloud storage where students can save work knowing it can be accessed at any time from any internet connected device

Teams – a more social media style communication and collaboration portal which pulls together all of the Microsoft Office tools and features to truly empower learning, collaboration and communication. See this short video for more information.


  1. My child is using the Independent Learning Portal on the school website but does not have the Microsoft Office suite installed to be able to use resources created in Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Publisher, can you help?
    • If your child logs in to Office 365 via the school website, from the dashboard they will have the option to download and install the Microsoft Office suite on their Windows PC or Apple Mac computer
    • If your child is using a mobile phone or tablet, they can install the individual software titles available in the Microsoft Office Suite from their device app store, using their school Office 365 credentials to login once installed.


  1. My child has does not know their username and password for Office 365 (or the one they have seemed to be incorrect) can you advise?
    • Email your child’s details to ‘This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.’ and LJS IT support will reset your child’s password and email you the new details


  1. My child wants to email their teacher but does not know their email address, what should they do?
    • Assuming your child has already logged in to Office 365 and opened the Outlook Web App:

      • In the new message pane begin typing the teacher’s surname in the ‘To’ address entry field and you will see a pop up list making suggestions of the email recipient Office 365 thinks you are looking for.
      • Simply tap on the correct recipient from this pop up to add them to the ‘To’ field or choose ‘Search Directory’ to perform an enhanced search.

PLEASE NOTE: On the initial first run of the Outlook web app, the user is required to select the appropriate system language and time-zone, e.g. 'English (United Kingdom)' and '(UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London'


  1. My child’s teacher has set up a Microsoft Team to deliver learning. How does my child access this?


  1. My child is having difficulty accessing an online lesson or video call using Microsoft Teams, can you help?

    For students to attend meetings or video calls using Microsoft Teams meetings a short process is followed before the activity can take place.

    The following outlines the process and follows up with some short troubleshooting steps to help students attend live lessons or face to face sessions using Microsoft Teams.

    Does school have parental consent?

    Unless school has parental consent, LJS IT Support will not have updated the Teams Admin Centre meeting and calling policies to enable online meetings and permit IP video for students.

    Is the member of staff searching using the Teams search bar to reach out to the student?

    Other methods are available for staff to reach students but will not work because of policy restrictions. The search bar should be used for staff reaching out to students for video calling purposes. 

    A message in the chat window may shown as per below stating that the Administrator has disabled chat for this user. This is expected because of administrative configuration but video calling can still work.


    Before clicking the video call camera icon/button to the right of the student search result, ensure no other applications are actively requesting the input stream from either the microphone or camera.
    E.g. is an application like Snapcam or Audacity open and using the device already?  If they are, close the application before attempting to call.

    If during the Teams call the video, microphone or audio stream is not working (blank/silent); check using the operating system and/or application controls (omni-bar) that they are not muted or have the volume turned down low.
    Using the Teams device settings menu via the omni-bar, check the correct input and output devices are selected for audio and camera.

    If still no video and/or audio stream is available, check the Teams application or Teams website has permission to use the video and microphone by following the below steps:

    In the web browser app, camera and microphone permissions are managed after opening the Teams web site. E.g. using the address bar padlock -> Site Permissions in Edge OR address bar camera icon in Chrome.

    An installed Teams application (e.g. IOS, OSX, Android, Windows Desktop) will have camera and microphone permissions in the device or application settings specific to each operating system.

    If the above advice does not help enable an online lesson or video call using Microsoft Teams

    For installed teams applications:

    Force close the application, restart the device and try again

    For the Teams Web app:

    Remove the temporary internet files for the Teams website or open a new in-private/incognito browsing tab and try again.

  2. My child’s teacher has asked them to upload their work to ‘one drive’ but they don’t know how to do this and neither do I, what should we do?
    • Your teacher will email your child a link to a webpage. This link will take you to a webpage displaying the contents of a Onedrive folder. Simply use the upload button to browse your PC (or cloud storage such as your child’s own school Onedrive storage) and select the file to upload using the upload menu as shown below. File upload status/confirmation is displayed to the right



  1. My child needs to access Hegarty Maths but they don’t have a username and password, can you help?
    • Your child should use school email to contact their Maths teacher. All school staff are accessible to students using the email address book in the Outlook app.


  1. My child needs to access Hegarty Maths but their username and password are not working, can you help?
    • Your child should use school email to contact their Maths teacher. All school staff are accessible to students using the email address book in the Outlook app.


Online Safety and Acceptable Use of all school IT Services

Please note: All online learning offered by school is part of our IT services provision and therefore parents/carers and students are reminded that the protocols and guidance set out in the school Online Safety policy is very much applicable to all online learning resources provided by school.

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