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We have made efforts to make this site accessible and easy to use for all. We have followed literature and best practices outlined in the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) to allow the greatest number of site visitors to have the best experience.

Browser Compatibility

The site has been tested in a range of popular web browsers to check compatibility, and is responsive based on device pixel widths/sizes, this ensures that mobile device users can navigate and use the site.

Font Sizing

Font resizing is available on all pages on the site, this can be controlled via your browser setting i.e. the zoom functionality.


Care has been taken to ensure that the colour combinations used on the site are contrasting to ensure that content is clear and easy to read.

If users need to enhance the colours you can use the Google Colour Enhancer tool is free for use in Google Chrome and available here: Google Colour Enhancer Tool.

If Internet Explorer is your preferred browser then please use the steps outlined in this guide to make changes to the colours: Ability Net Internet Explorer Colour Changing


For all downloads which do not require editing we use Adobe PDFs which uses the Adobe Reader program available here for free: Get Adobe Reader

Any documents which do require editing are presented in a Microsoft Office Word format, these can be downloaded locally to you computer, edited and then attached via an email or printed out and sent to the intended recipient. 


Links have been written to make sense of the information the display when taken out of context, link 'alt' information is also available for screen readers.

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