Teaching and Learning Topics for 2018/19 for Science

Key Stage Three

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Biology Themed Topics

Animal and Plant Cells Overview

Introduction to ‘Specialised Cells’ (Nerve and Muscle)

Introduction to Microscopy (Focussing on Light Microscopes)

Introduction to Photosynthesis

Sexual and Asexual reproduction

Principles of Organisation

Communities and Adaptations

Biotic and Abiotic Factors


Chemistry Themed Topics

Simple model of the ATOM, Electronic Structure 

Intro to ‘Particle Model of Matter’ and Changes of State

Introduction to Separation Techniques (Focussing on Filtration and Distillation)

Elements and The Periodic Table

Extending ideas about Separating Techniques (via Chromatography)

Identification of Common Gases

State symbols

Introduction to the pH scale and neutralisation

Introduction to Combustion

Potable Water ‘Required Practical’


Physics Themed Topics

Introduction to Magnetism     

Introduction to Electric Circuits and AQA Standard Circuit Symbols

Static Electricity

Introduction to Forces and Elasticity ‘Required Practical’

Introduction to Scalar and Vector quantities

Introduction to our Solar System

Introduction to Energy Resources













Biology Themed Topics

Developing ideas about Microscopy

Digestion and Enzymes

Food Tests ‘Required Practical’

Parts of the Blood and Artificial Blood

The Heart (Structure and Function)

Blood Vessels

Respiration and Response to exercise



Speciation, Fossils and Extinction

Levels of Organisation

Sampling ‘Required Practical’


Chemistry Themed Topics

Naming compounds of elements from given formulae or symbol equations

Conservation of Mass and Balancing Equations

Metals, Alloys and Non-Metals

Metal oxides

The Reactivity Series

Extraction of metals and reduction

Using the Earth’s resources and sustainable development

Introduction to Endo and Exothermic Chemical Reactions

Waste Water Treatment


Physics Themed Topics

Electric Circuits and AQA Standard Circuit Symbols

Electricity Key Concepts Current, Voltage and Resistance

Energy Stores and Transfers in the context of ‘Systems’

Insulation ‘Required Practical’

Types and Properties of Waves

Wiring a Plug and Domestic Electricity Key Concepts








Biology Themed Topics

Further Development of ideas about Microscopy

Use of models to explain Enzyme action

Food Tests ‘Required Practical’

Cell Transport (Diffusion, Osmosis and Active Transport)

Osmosis ‘Required Practical’

Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells

Introduction to the Nervous System (Structure and Function)

Introduction to ‘Genetics’

Health Issues and Intro to Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases

Human Defence Systems

Pathogens and Diseases

Antibiotics and Painkillers

Photosynthesis and Uses of Glucose (including Photosynthesis ‘required Practical’)


Chemistry Themed Topics

Development of The Model of the Atom

The Composition and Evolution of the Earth’s Atmosphere

Carbon Dioxide and Methane as Greenhouse gases

Common Atmospheric Pollutants and their Sources

Conservation of Mass and Balancing Equations

Development of Ideas about The Periodic Table (with a focus on Group 0 and Group 7)

Introduction to Ionic and Covalent Bonding

Pure Substances


Ways of Reducing Use of Resources

Conservation of Mass and Balancing Equations – linking to Quantitative Chemistry Concepts


Physics Themed Topics

Density of Materials and Density ‘Required Practical’



Introduction to Electromagnetism

Work Done and Energy Transfer

Stopping Distance Key Concepts







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