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Teaching and Learning Topics for 2018/19 for Music

Key Stage Three

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Pulse & Rhythm




Keyboard Skills


Devices: Riffs/Ostinatos/Drones


Descriptive Composition


Form & Structure: Rondos

African Music


Pitch: The Bass Clef


Form & Structure: Theme and Variation Form


World Music: Scales and Modes


Accompaniment: Chords


Descriptive Composition

The popular song


Improvisation and the 12-Bar Blues


Music and the Media

Bass Lines


Minimalism and Experimental Music







Teaching and Learning Topics for 2018/19 for History

Key Stage Three

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Lindow Man investigation


Norman Conquest

Claimants to the throne in 1066

·        Battle of Stamford Bridge

·        Battle of Hastings

·        Motte and bailey castles

·        Rebellions

·        Feudal system

·        Domesday Book

·        Development of castles


Medieval England

·        Religious beliefs and the power of the church

·        Monasteries; monks and nuns

·        Murder of Thomas Beckett

·        King John and Magna Carta

·        Parliament

·        Villages and towns

·        Law and order

·        Black Death

·        Peasants’ Revolts


Tudor England

·        The young Henry VIII

·        Break from Rome

·        Henry’s wives

·        Protestant Reformation

·        Dissolution of the monasteries

·        Pilgrimage of Grace

·        Religious rollercoaster

·        Henry’s children

·        Elizabeth I

·        Mary Queen of Scots

·        Spanish Armada





C17th England

·        Gunpowder Plot

·        Witchcraft

·        English Civil War

·        Oliver Cromwell

·        The Great Plague

·        The Fire of London

·        Death of Charles II

·        The Glorious Revolution


Industrial Britain

·        Population growth

·        Factory life

·        Iron and Coal

·        Growth of Middlesbrough

·        Changes in transport

·        Living conditions

·        Public health and cholera

·        Medicine

·        Law and order


Slave Trade

·        Trade triangle

·        Middle passage

·        Plantation life

·        Resistance and rebellion

·        Abolition of slavery


Civil Rights Movement

·        Segregation

·        Martin Luther King

·        Protests in the 1950s

·        Protests in the 1960s

·        Assassination on Martin Luther King









Causes of WW1

·        MAIN causes

·        Assassination of Franz Ferdinand


The First World War

·        Recruitment and propaganda

·        Conscientious objectors

·        Trench warfare and conditions

·        Women in war

·        Armistice


Inter-war years

·        Treaty of Versailles

·        Different types of government; democracy, dictatorship, fascism and communism

·        Steps to WW2



·        Dunkirk

·        Battle of Britain

·        D-Day

·        Atomic Bomb


Hitler’s Germany

·        Hitler and Nazi Germany

·        Education in Nazi Germany

·        Hitler Youth

·        Women


The Holocaust

·        Persecution of the Jews

·        Ghettos

·        The Final Solution



·        Dunkirk

·        Battle of Britain

·        D-Day

·        Atomic Bomb





Teaching and Learning Topics for 2018/19 for RPE

Key Stage Three

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

What does it mean to be human?


Our Sacred World


Key Christian Concepts


Introduction to Christianity


Person of Jesus


Belief in Action

Believing in God


What does it mean to be Jewish?


Evil and Suffering (Responses to the Holocaust)


Islam in the world today





Matters of Life and Death


Crime and Punishment


Peace and Conflict









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