Y7 Remote Learning


Year 7 SOW 1

Battle of Hastings

1.      Who were the Normans?

2.      1066 and the succession crisis

3.      William’s invasion plan

4.      The battles of 1066 and coronation

Life in Norman England

1.      Landowning and the Feudal System

2.      Castles and Rebellions

3.      The Domesday Book

Year 7 SOW 2

Medieval Religion

1.      Medieval religion

2.      The Medieval Church

King John and Magna Carta

1.      Was King John really a bad king?

2.      The First Barons’ War and Magna Carta

Medieval towns and villages

1.      Medieval lives in the Domesday Book

2.      Medieval lives in the Luttrell Psalter

3.      Medieval lives in Material Culture

4.      Which sources reveal the most about medieval peasants?

5.      The Medieval village

6.      Medieval Trade

7.      What was it like to live in medieval towns?

8.      How did the guilds influence the towns?

9.      Who was excluded from medieval towns?

10.  Who made important decisions in the towns?

Black Death

1.      Black Death and the Silk Road

2.      Treating the Black Death

3.      The Survivors and land ownership

4.      How far did the Black Death change the Medieval World?

Peasants’ Revolt

1.      What were the causes of the Peasants’ Revolt?

2.      What happened during the Peasants’ Revolt?

3.      What happened to Wat Tyler?

4.      Was the Peasants’ Revolt a threat to monarchic power?

Year 7 SOW 3


1.      Who were Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon?

2.      What concerns did Henry VIII have as King of England?

3.      What was the Act of Supremacy?

4.      Why did Henry VIII make a break with Rome?

Dissolution of the Monasteries

1.      Religious changes 1536-1539

2.      What was the Dissolution of the Monasteries?

Elizabeth I

1.      Religious Rollercoaster

2.      Elizabeth I and Spain: why were they rivals?

3.      Who were Elizabeth’s ‘sea dogs’?

4.      Why was Elizabeth known as ‘Sultana Isabel’?

5.      Who were the Elizabethan’s trading with?

6.      Why did Elizabeth believe it was a ‘Godly deed’ to act violently towards Ireland?

7.      Why was the world ‘opening up’ to Elizabeth I and her people?


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