Y8 Remote Learning


Year 8 SOW 1

Gunpowder Plot




Civil War

1.      The Thirty Years War

2.      Charles I’s personal rule

3.      Charles I and Scotland

4.      The return of Parliament

5.      The arrest of five MPs

6.      Why did the Civil War break out in 1642?

7.      Civil War divisions

Oliver Cromwell

1.      Oliver Cromwell

Charles II


Great Plague


Great Fire of London


Glorious Revolution

1.      The Restoration

2.      The Glorious Revolution

3.      Ireland and Scotland

4.      Banking, Union and Gin

Year 8 SOW 2

Population during the Industrial Revolution



1.      Child labour

2.      Changing labour laws





Louis Pasteur


Why did Britain want an empire?

1.      The British empire

James Cook

1.      Settler colonialism in Australia

The first Britons in the USA

1.      Pocahontas and the Powhatan peoples

2.      Masters and servants

3.      Sugar barons

4.      Enslaved people


1.      Colonialism in India

2.      East India Company to Raj

3.      Events of 1857

4.      British reactions to 1857

5.      Interpretations of 1857

Scramble for Africa


Year 8 SOW 3

What was the slave trade?


The Middle Passage


Life on a plantation


Slave resistance


End of the slave trade






Emmett Till


Little Rock


Montgomery Bus Boycott


Martin Luther King and Malcolm X



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