Y9 Remote Learning


Year 9 SOW 1



Causes of World War One

1.      New countries of 1870 and the desire for an empire

2.      Systems of Alliance

3.      The Schlieffen Plan

4.      Germany: a new nation

5.      Imperial rivalries

6.      Nationalism and militarism

7.      What really caused the outbreak of WW1?

WW1 recruitment


Trench warfare

1.      Introduction to the Western Front

2.      Gaga Singh

3.      Algerian Soldiers

4.      Chinese Labour Corps

5.      Mike Mountain Horse

6.      What do the stories of the ‘often forgotten armies’ reveal about the Western Front?

Battle of the Somme


November 1918

1.      The Eastern Front and the Russian Revolution, 1917

2.      The USA enters the war, 1917

3.      The Spring Offensive 1918

4.      The Armistice 1918

Treaty of Versailles

1.      Why was it so difficult to decide what to do with Germany after WW1?

2.      Was the Treaty of Versailles a ‘peace of revenge’?

Year 9 SOW 2

Democracy v Dictatorship

1.      The long campaign for democracy

2.      Fascist support in the 1920s

3.      The Great Depression

4.      Fear of Communism

Why did we go to war again in 1939?




Battle of Britain

1.      Blitzkrieg and Nazi control of Europe

2.      The Battle of Britain and aerial bombardment

D Day

1.      Stalingrad and D Day

Atomic Bomb



1.      What counts as resistance?

2.      Non-violent Jewish resistance

3.      Violent Jewish resistance

4.      Jewish partisans in Vilna

5.      How did the persecution of the Jews escalate after 1933?


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