Year 10 Maths Home Learning

Hi Year 10,

Your work for the first few weeks is based on topics that you have covered so far since September and what you have been doing recently in maths.

I will be coming back on to add to this document during the time that we are off and your teacher will be sending you work through TEAMS as well as setting work on Hegarty maths, so please check your account for this.

The following is a link to Corbett maths where I want you to look up the video number, watch it then try the textbook exercise and the practice questions booklet – these can be done in your exercise book and you can then email a picture of this to your class teacher.

Go to the website and choose worksheets, from here you have a topic list and you will see video clip numbers for each topic; you need to look for the numbers that I have listed below for your class to do.


There are links to click on from the worksheet to see examples if you need them and there is an area where you can look up answers to check your working to mark your work.

10Y1, 10Y2, 10Z1, 10Z2:

Video clips and questions for the following numbers:

Polygons 32 

Proportion 254, 255

Volume 356, 357, 358, 359,


10Y3, 10Y4, 10Z3, 10Z4, 10Z5

Video clips and questions for the following numbers:

Circumference and Area 59, 60

Polygons 32

Real life graphs 171

Probability 245, 252

If you have any problems with the work, please just email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or email your own maths teacher.


Miss Warren 😊

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