Year 7 Geography


Year 7 – Topic 1: Our Planet


Our Planet Knowledge Organiser

Our Planet Revision Clock

African Adventure Knowledge Organiser

African Adventure Revision Clock

African Adventure Revision Game

Geography Rocks Knowledge Organiser



LJS Lesson Focus

Oak Academy Equivalent

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1.         What is Geography?



2.         World Geography

Population: Lesson 1 What are the factors that influence population distribution?



3.         Lines of latitude and longitude

Geography Skills: Lesson 2 – Locational Knowledge of the World


4.         Height on maps

Geography Skills: Lesson 8 – Representing height on a map


5.         Impact of tourism at Mount Everest

World of Work: Lesson 10 What have been the impacts of tourism in the Maasai Mara National Reserve?


6.         Geography of Russia

The geography of Russia: Lesson 1 Where is Russia and what are some of its key human and physical features?


7.         Scale and distance

Geography Skills: Lesson 6 – Reading distance on a map


8.         Geography of Europe



9.         Our local area

Issue of urbanisation: 1 Where do people live within the UK?

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

10.     Grid References

Geography Skills: Lesson 5 What are grid references?




Year 7 – Topic 2: African Adventure

LJS Lesson Focus

Oak Academy Equivalent

Remote Learning link

1.       Welcome to Africa

Where is Africa and what are the physical and human features of the continent?

Video lesson

2.       Africa is not a country!

How is the population distributed in Africa and what factors influence this?

Video lesson

3.       Sahara Desert – physical geography

Physical characteristics of hot deserts

Video lesson

4.       Sahara Desert – Adaptations

How have plants and animals adapted to deserts?

Video lesson

5.       Life in the Sahel

What are the opportunities for northern Africa due to the Sahara Desert?

Video lesson

6.       Diamonds in Sierra Leone



7.       Diamonds in Sierra Leone lesson 2



8.       Africa: the future




Remote Learning - 2019-20 Covid-19 School Closure


Urban Growth Tasks - PDF

Waste Management Tasks 

Waste Management Tasks - PDF 

Waste Management Home Learning - no internet & phone access - PDF

China Home Learning - no internet & phone access - PDF

Remote Learning Activities: Africa

Choropleth map to show the population density in Africa

Africa Climate Data

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