The teaching of revision skills and techniques is embedded as part of curriculum lessons and the pastoral programme so that students from Y7 – 11 can develop the effective use of such techniques as part of their preparation for exams and assessments. It is vital that students are well prepared and spend time revising for their examinations. The time leading up to exams can be stressful for students, parents and carers. Being well-prepared can help alleviate this anxiety and help students to make the most of their examinations.

This section of our website provides further information and useful guides to some effective revision/study strategies.

Understanding our Study Skills Website

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Understanding how we learn

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The importance of well-being

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Egglescliffe School, our Lead Trust Secondary School also has a range of additional resources to support students, parents and carer as part of their “Choose to Succeed” programme. Resources available here

Trust Revision Resources for Y11

As part of a Trust-wide revision strategy to support Y11 in preparing for their GCSE examinations, our Subject Directors have created “Strive for Success” videos for English, Maths and Science on the Trust website. By the end of the year, we will have a complete “library” of video resources that can be repeatedly accessed at any time, which will be useful if students are finding a particular area difficult as they can re-watch any video to support their progress. The revision videos are no more than 15 mins long and will focus on “quick win” strategies or crucial knowledge that have the potential to improve students’ marks. Opportunities will be given for students to pause the video and complete low stakes activities followed by self-assessment. These video resources are available in addition to the home learning tasks that students are set by class teachers and will hopefully provide an early kickstart to their revision. Please click the link to access our video resource bank.