School Gateway, LJS’ Online Payment Service for Parents

What is School Gateway?

As we are a cashless school, we do not handle or process cash on site and all payments are electronic. School Gateway is the online parent portal where parents can top up their child’s lunch money and pay for all other items such as school trips, planners and equipment. Parents/carers can also see what their child has purchased for lunch and check their child’s lunch balance. Parents/carers can also access copies of parents’ evening invitations and progress checks already sent to parents/carers. We use Class Charts for home learning, behaviour and communication (with the exception of virtual parents evening invites and progress checks, which must be sent via email).

How to Access School Gateway

School Gateway is accessible via the School Gateway website and via the School Gateway app, which you can install onto your smartphone or device.

How to Activate a School Gateway Account

There are two ways to set up your account:

  • Download the School Gateway app through your smart phone’s app store (available on Android and Apple devices only).
  • Use a web browser to visit the website

Once you have completed either of the above steps, click on ‘New User’ and enter the email address and mobile phone number that LJS hold on record for you. Shortly after, you will receive a text message containing a PIN. Use your email address together with this PIN to log into School Gateway.

Requesting a New PIN

As long as LJS hold your up-to-date mobile telephone number and email address contact details, you can request a new School Gateway PIN. Once you have submitted your email address/mobile number pair, you will receive a text message allowing you to access the School Gateway service online or via the School Gateway app. If you have trouble requesting a new PIN, please contact the school to verify your contact information.

How do I make online payments to school?

You can use School Gateway to make online payments using a credit card, debit card or instant bank transfer via the smartphone app or School Gateway website. The instant bank transfer payment option is the most economical option to use when paying money into school. A parents’ guide to setting up an instant bank transfer to LJS is available here.

I am having account trouble

This can be because the school does not hold your current email and mobile phone number on record. Please contact the school to can check the contact details held for you on our system are accurate.