The platform for communication, home learning and behaviour.

The launch of Class Charts in October 2021 was an exciting opportunity to revolutionise our communication with parents/carers and ensure all key information from school can be shared with home. Class Charts is an online system which schools use to track achievement and behaviour throughout the school day and set home learning. We passionately believe in working closely with home, and know that we can improve engagement with school via all parents/carers and students accessing Class Charts information. We use Arbor Pay for payments.

One of the key benefits of using Class Charts is that we are able to securely share your child’s achievements with you and keep you up to date in real-time. Class Charts will also communicate all your child’s home learning in terms of what tasks are set, meaning that you and your child can keep track of their completion of home learning tasks. Another benefit of moving to this system is that we will be able to send you essential information about your child and their learning as well as effectively communicate home learning and key messages from school on a regular basis.


What does this mean for home learning (homework)?

All home learning tasks are set and explained via Class Charts. This system provides those at home with a personalised list of tasks that need completing using our normal home learning methods e.g. Teams quiz. As a parent/carer these tasks will be visible to you to support your child’s study at home. Home learning is set by class teachers with students allocated a reasonable time frame to complete tasks, a period of 3 to 7 days as specified by the due date. Please note due dates may need to align with when lessons are timetabled. As we navigate the implementation of this new system the school’s home learning policy will be updated, we will keep parents/carers informed via the weekly LJS Parental Bulletin. At this time students can not submit work back via Class Charts so work will be physically handed in to teachers on paper or automatically submitted if the task involves Teams/Quizlet etc.

What information will I have access to when I register and log in to Class Charts?

Examples of information available via the Class Charts app include: Behaviour Information, Home learning information, Announcements.

What do I need to do next as a parent/carer?

You will receive a personal log in details (parent code) to access Class Charts. Please then sign up and register. For this to work effectively and improve home school communication, we need all parents/carers to sign up. Each student has an assigned unique student code. Once you have been issued with a code, you will need to create an account and enter your parent code. Once you have logged in, links to the Android and iOS parent apps are also available from this page. We are encouraging students to download the Class Charts app for their use at home to support their organisation and completion of home learning. Class Charts access for students represents a way for them to develop their independence in relation to being organised with their home learning and their own conduct in school. If you have multiple children, you can add their unique parent code by ‘add pupil’ option onto the original account you have created. You do not need a separate account for each of your children.

Can multiple and/or separated parents have access to Class Chart for their child?

Yes. Any parent/carer can create their own Class Chart account, they just need their child’s parent code.

What happens if I choose not to register with Class Charts?

Parents/carers without Class Charts will not be able to access up to date school information, announcements and any home learning their child is set.

Please can you clarify how as a parent/carer I should communicate with school?

If as a parent/carer you need to contact school, you can do so via telephone or by emailing school on Enquiries will then be forwarded to the specific staff member who will endeavour to respond within 48 hours. Key Staff members are named on our website.

Please can we also highlight that during the school day staff are working with your children and are not always available to take direct phone calls or respond immediately to an enquiry.

Where can I get further information and support about Class Charts?

As a school we have created support guides for parents/carers and students. These documents are available on our website. Parents/carers can raise Class Chart questions via, and can also browse the Class Charts website.

Class Charts – Login Here

Class Charts Parent/Carer Guide

Class Charts Student Guide