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The School Day

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School Ethos

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We pride ourselves on providing positive and proactive pastoral care to all students in all year groups.

All students are part of a form group. The form tutor is very important as they see students every day for registration. They have a central role in linking with subject teachers, promoting good behaviour and tracking attendance. The Year leaders, Pastoral Leader for Key Stage and Form tutors are the first points of contact for parents/carers. The tutor has close links with parents/carers through tutor-based parents evenings and Class Charts.

The Year Leaders are:


Miss Farrell
Year 7


Miss Booth
Year 8


Miss Bunn
Year 9


Miss Norton
Year 10


Mrs Clements
Year 11


The Pastoral Leaders are:


Mrs Anderson
Key Stage 3


Mrs Innes
Key Stage 4


At Laurence Jackson School, each of the year groups are accommodated in designated areas at social times and dining room areas. Assemblies are held in year groups once a fortnight. A variety of activities are held during the year, strengthening the sense of identity students have with their form group.



The School day

Please click on this link to view our typical school day.


School opens to students at 8.00am and students are expected to be on school site by 8.20am at the latest.

Key Stage 3 students line up in their designated area and are taken to form time by their form tutor.


All students will register with their form tutor from 8.30 until 9.00am on a Monday and until 8.50am all other days. In this time, they will be involved in developing a wide range of valuable educational experiences such as assemblies, developing literacy skills, contributing to class discussions and a reading programme.


We are a large school and students move around the school site using the one-way system to their lessons. Therefore, they will need to quickly become familiar with the site, and skilled in organisation to ensure they have the correct equipment on the right days. Lessons last for one hour and all students will be actively learning; consequently, they must come to school prepared to be engaged and committed to learning to maximise the progress they make.


Please click on this link to view our lunchtime arrangements.


A large number of our students are involved in a wide range of enrichment activities after school. Sport, drama, music, charity events, revision classes and so on all take place so although the school day officially finishes at 2.40pm, the school site is exceptionally busy until early evening.



Rewards and Expectations

The rewards

At Laurence Jackson School, we pride ourselves on a highly effective reward system that acknowledges and celebrates good behaviour, achievements and successes of all our students. Students will be recognised for their:

academic achievements, good and improved progress, resilience and effort, contribution to the school community, good and improved behaviour, good and improved attendance. In line with or Core Values Acts of kindness, Teamwork are also rewarded and recognised. To acknowledge and celebrate students’ work, contributions and positive behaviour we will use Class Charts to log these as well as: Positive attendance certificates (termly and annually). Verbal praise/encouragement during lessons, registration or whenever appropriate. Display work – in class and around school. Phone calls home. Positive postcards sent to parents / carers. Achievement assemblies at the end of each term.

In Addition: The student with the best Conduct points / Total points each day will receive a prize such as a Q-Buster / entry into a raffle etc.

Students who amass key totals of points will receive pin badges – Bronze (500), Silver (1000) and Gold (1500) Platinum (2000+) – given out in fortnightly assemblies when achieved.

Attendance Rewards Include;

  • Attendance League results shared on Be Ready.
  • Breakfast for Form with best Attendance over a term / Half term.
  • Best Improved Attendance – one per year group per week.
  • Best Improved Attendance – one per year group per half term.
  • 96% per half term.
  • 100% per half term.



Rewards and Expectations

The Expectations



In order for students to take responsibility for their own learning they must have the right equipment. Please ensure that your son or daughter has the following: –

Pen, pencil, pencil sharpener, ruler, rubber, coloured pencils, highlighter, glue stick, compasses, protractor, calculator and reading book.

Students need to ensure they are organised and bring the correct equipment including PE kit and books to school each day.


Mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches and electronic music players cause difficulties and disruption both in lessons and around school. Because of this we insist all students meet the following expectations:

  • Mobile phones, tablets and earphones/air pods are switched off before the student is on site.
  • Mobile phones, tablets and music players must not be seen or heard at any point during the school day on school site.
  • Laurence Jackson School is a no mobile phone site – students should not switch their phones on until they have left the premises.


We require all students to wear the correct school uniform. The uniform is simple and we do enforce it. Above all, we want students to look smart for school and take a pride in their appearance. We need the support of parents/carers to do this properly. A full list of uniform can be here


Teachers set after school detentions for a variety of reasons e.g., a student is late with homework, has failed to complete classwork properly, continually forgets their planner or flouts the uniform rules. Parents/Carers will usually be notified 24 hours in advance of the detention via Class Charts. However, the government has given schools the right to enforce detentions without 24 hours notice.


We expect students to behave well and to show tolerance and respect to everyone. Posters explaining our expectations are displayed around the school site.


At Laurence Jackson School, we firmly believe that one of the key components of good behaviour is a strong working relationship between the school and parents/carers. We would like to give parents/carers some information about our approach to managing student behaviour.  Hopefully, as a result of this, you will be better informed and therefore better equipped to work with us to ensure that your child reaches his/her full potential.



SCHOOL ETHOS – the five R’s

This is the most potent influence in promoting good behaviour. The development of positive personal relationships, accepting the dignity and worth of ALL members of the school is paramount. Such an ethos is rooted in genuine attitudes of positive care, mutual respect and firm, consistent application of rules.

We would be grateful if you could take some time to read through the following information and discuss it with your child so that we are all clear about the expectations, strategies, rewards and sanctions which constitute our Behaviour for Learning policy.

All students, staff, parents/carers and governors should be aware of the school expectations:

  • Arrive at all lessons on time and ready to learn
  • Follow all instructions from school staff first time, every time
  • Be polite and show respect for others at all times
  • Show respect for the school environment, personal property and the wider community
  • Wear the correct uniform at all times
  • Walk calmly and sensibly around school, following the one-way system.

There will be consequences for poor behaviour.

Achieving excellent behaviour for learning:

  • Effective teaching and learning, with teachers delivering well-planned, high-quality lessons, is the key to good behaviour. Students cannot learn unless they behave well. The role of the class teacher is, therefore, paramount in promoting good behaviour.
  • Consistency, from all staff, when applying strategies and sanctions is critically important in maintaining high standards of student behaviour.
  • Positive reinforcement, the use of positive points, should be used as much as possible with students to promote an ethos of high expectations and achieving excellence.
  • Support for classroom teachers is to be found in a “team” approach to behaviour with class teachers supported by their Subject leaders in the first instance, together with Year Leaders, Pastoral Leaders, tutors and senior staff.
  • With reference to disruptive behaviour staff should always attempt to deal with this in such a way that the students understand it is the behaviour which is unacceptable and not the person.

If you would like view the Behaviour Policy, please click here.


Chewing gum is not allowed on site – it is a health hazard, sticks to clothes and is inappropriate for school. Everybody on site (adults and young people) is asked not to chew gum.

High energy drinks – with high levels of caffeine and taurine, should not be brought into school. These cans are clearly labelled “not suitable for children”.

Large bottles of fizzy drinks – e.g., should not be brought onto the site and they will be confiscated.

Aerosols are not allowed on site – for health and safety reasons.