Our School Ethos & Values

We believe that Laurence Jackson School provides an excellent educational experience through high academic standards, a supportive pastoral ethos and a wealth of enrichment opportunities which develops the whole person.  At Laurence Jackson School we strive to inspire excellence in learning and in life through a curriculum designed to inspire personalised academic excellence for students of all abilities.

We aim to develop lively, enquiring minds, encouraging our students to have a thirst for learning. We work closely with our students, building their self-confidence so they can become more independent in their learning. This enables our students to view education as a lifelong process. In addition to this, students are supported and guided through the key transition points of their education to ensure they make the right choices for their future.

Our ethos has five key elements. We know that positive relationships need to be at the centre of everything we do and students need to be able to demonstrate that they can be ready, respectful, resilient and reflective in their behaviour choices and in their attitudes to learning.

The skills and personal attributes that are developed by these strands are;

  • good organisation
  • good manners
  • honesty
  • good physical and emotional health
  • confidence
  • aspiration

We believe that supporting students to develop these skills and attributes leads to students who are equipped to be excellent both academically and socially.

Our ethos helps ensure that Laurence Jackson School is a school with a positive culture and climate for learning. Our expectations of students’ conduct and learning are centred on positive attributes.

Conduct Expectations

Learning Expectations


Be kind and polite to everyone

Respect everyone’s right to learn


Be ready to learn by being punctual, equipped and in correct uniform

Have a positive attitude to yourself as learner and as an LJS student


Take responsibility for your words and actions

Show you can improve your work when you are given feedback


Acknowledge your emotions and know how to manage them

Respond positively when work is challenging