Key Stage 3 Home Learning
A guide to your child’s home learning at Laurence Jackson School


Key details regarding home learning for this subject

Subject specific resources available to support students with completion of this home learning


Students are issued with a paper booklet containing ‘cycles’ of activities to cover a half-term. All activities are linked to further study / independent research aligned with texts covered in class or application of skills taught in lessons. Every fortnight, students are expected to complete a ‘cycle’ of activities and submit their work to their teacher within a lesson on a specified date.

If students require extra support with their Home Learning, they can request help from their class teacher and/or attend the KS3 English Home Learning clinic with Mrs Harrison / Mrs Lynn in L6 on Thursdays between 2:40-3:15pm.

To support with the completion of Home Learning, students are also issued with an electronic copy of the booklet via Class Charts.




Maths Watch
Students are set fortnightly Maths Watch recall tasks. The deadline for these is always a Sunday evening at 9pm. Maths Watch is an online platform which students need to log into. Students’ log in details are as follows:

  • Their school e-mail address
  • Password has been given to individual students by their Maths Teacher.

If students cannot access their account, they should inform their Maths Teacher, who can re-set their password.

End of Topic Test Questions
End of End of topic questions are issued to students when each topic is completed.  These are in the form of a paper booklet which is always handed out in a Maths lesson by the class teacher. The students are to answer the questions in their booklet. A minimum of 3 evenings will be allocated for completion from the date this task is set.

Preparation for Progress Check Summative Assessments
Prior to progress checks a topic list (common across the Trust) is shared with students in lessons so that they are clear what knowledge they will be assessed on. They can then consider what they may need extra practice with etc in order to prepare for their assessment.

Maths Watch
There is a PowerPoint, aimed at students, outlining the functionality of Maths Watch here. Additionally, you can access a more comprehensive guide via the link here. Please note that if the online nature of Maths Watch is a barrier for students to complete these tasks, paper copies can be provided – students should ask their Maths teacher or Mr Harrison can be emailed to request a copy (


End of Topic Questions
An electronic copy of the question booklet will be attached to the Class Charts notification in case students loses their paper version.


Preparation for Progress Check Summative Assessments
Once students have looked at the topic lists and identified which topics they need to practice ahead of their assessments, they will have:

  • Access to a list of Maths Watch specific clip numbers that they can watch to review methods and crucial knowledge about the topics
  • Permission to take their exercise books home so that they can review and re-do questions they have completed in lessons, to refresh the way to approach common questions.




Educake Quiz
All students are issued an online quiz to complete on Educake once a fortnight. The quiz is designed to check understanding of curriculum content and responses are used to inform lesson planning.

Login Info
Please view the PowerPoint here which will guide you through the login details. You will see on the guide that if students cannot remember their specific login details, they can use their office 365 account. If your child does not know their office 365 account details, either you or them can e-mail our ICT support team via and a member of staff can assist with re-setting login details.

Video Support
The video via this link provides a useful overview of the functionality of Educake, including how students can see instant feedback about their answers as they do their quiz (especially important if they get their answer wrong) and extra features that students could use to help do their own further study (in addition to the home learning quiz that has been set).






Three tasks will be set every term which will be either:
• Knowledge recall quizzes (these will be online via Microsoft Forms)
• Research/ pre-reading homework tasks
• Creative / project style tasks

Knowledge Quizzes: Students will access their knowledge quizzes by clicking on the link to the quiz which will be in Class Charts when the home learning is set.
Research/ pre-reading homework tasks and Creative / project style tasks: will be paper based but an electronic copy of the task will also be provided via Class Charts when the home learning is set.


Home Learning Menu
A variety of tasks which are linked to each topic throughout Key Stage 3 are detailed on each Home Learning Menu. Students will be directed as to which task to complete or at times given free choice. Prior to assessments students will be given Home Learning which focuses on recall of key skills.

Home learning is set on class charts and details required work to be submitted by the deadline given. Students will require basic equipment to complete such as plain paper, pencil, rubber and coloured pencils. Access to the internet for research purposes will also be required at times.


Skills Development tasks
Tasks will be set half termly and will typically involve watching a video, practicing some skills and creating an outcome (e.g. designing a school bag)

Please note that students will require the following resources to complete their home learning: paper, pencil, pen coloured pencils and access to device (e.g. phone, laptop, i-pad) to watch video provided


Recall Tasks
One task will be set every topic, which is once per half term. A range of activities will be set, including:

  • Teams quiz linked to knowledge organise to practice recalling crucial knowledge.
  • Listening tasks linked to knowledge organisers using musical extracts on YouTube embedded in the Teams quiz.
  • Theory tasks using knowledge organisers.

Students will access their home learning for Music via link issued when home learning is set on Class Charts.



Weekly vocabulary learning
This is usually via ‘Quizlet’ (an online platform) but note that other tasks can be set to compliment the curriculum coverage and the emerging needs of the classes (by the class teacher).  This could include:

  • Grammar / vocab work sheets
  • Preparation of revision resources and revision for upcoming assessments
  • Cultural research

Quizlet Information PowerPoint
There is a PowerPoint available here with details about how to use Quizlet for MFL home learning (this includes what a student should do if they have forgotten their login details – see slide 2).

After School Drop-in Support
MFL staff offer an after-school support session for home learning on a Wednesday in L13 from 2.40 to 3.30.